This case study of Youssef Nada
is multi dimensions complex one. The pieces of its mosaic are the activities which I exercised during the last 70 years of my 90 years of age.

If it was said that I am an engineer…. ………............ .it is true.

If it was said that I am a business man …….....… is true.

If it was said that I am a banker………………...............…it is true.

If it was said that I am an industrialist ………… is true.

If it was said that I am real estates is true.

If it was said that I am a politician……………… is true.

If it was said that I am an activist ……………… is true.

If it was said that I am an Islamist……………… is true.

If it was said that I am a democrat …………… is true.

If it was said that I am a socialist ……………… is true.

If it was said that I am a terrorist or financed terrorism or had any link to terrorism,…it is false, deception ,and misleading, as they are contrary to my believe , faith ,as wall as my way of thinking .

The balance sheet under discussion is not designed according to the event’s calendar. It is up to the researcher or the institute whether academic or politician or law enforcement or law maker, to arrange the sequence according to their target.


In his book (Inside the Muslim brotherhood YOUSSEF NADA) Mr. Douglas Thompson honestly  Introduced Y. Nada to his readers as follows:

" This is the authorised biography of Youssef Nada, a man who knows most of the untold story of more than half a century of rage and revolution. Through war, global terrorism and complex international crises, he was there. On the inside. A true eyewitness to history, a participant andpowerbroker in eventswhich shaped it.
Youssef Nada would never promise answers, but would offer possible solutions through the ideas and philosophy he has lived to all his life as an ambas sador of reason, a peacemaker and as the defacto foreign minister of the Muslim Brotherhood group who have a membership of more than one hundred million worldwide with many millions holding pivotal positions in America, the UK, and throughout continental Europe.
He has a hard, clear, lucid, vision; he has insight into the terror of Lockerbie in Scotland, the ‘rehearsals’ for the September 11 onslaught against America and the July 7 London bombers, the Iran-Contra affair, the Beirut kidnapping of Terry Waite, and of deals and horrors that have touched the lives of individuals and nations alike.
He has been involved in all aspects of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt, including the upcoming elections inwhich the Muslim Brotherhood will take power.
Youssef Nada was, until now, the hidden mystery at the heart of the Middle East; the part of the puzzle noone could place. It was safer. After 9/11 Nada, known throughout much of the world as a humanitarian, was branded a global terrorist and listed as such by America and the UN.
The Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen), the most controversial, and influential, of all Islamist‘organisations’ from East to West and back again, has been at odds with many governments; it is the most potent Islamist opposition party throughout the Arab world.
Youssef Nada believes that, as he is known as the Muslim Brotherhood’s international political foreign emissary, all the international intelligence agencies moved against him. Now, he has decided to step completely out of the shadows and tell the story of his life."
Douglas Thompson
In our new official website, we are interested to inform the reader three very important goals:

To demonstrate our innocence and the innocence of Muslim Brotherhood from financing terrorism accusation in all International organizations.
How I understood and acted according to the Muslim Brotherhood goels and rulles.
How Youssef Nada think.
  Youssef Nada 9/2022