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  Newsweek investigators Mark Hosenball & Mike Isikoff interviewed Youssef Nada on November, 19th 2006.
The interview was broadcasted on April, 20th 2007 as part of the series "America at a Crossroads" by the PBS network. It was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting USA, produced by WATA Washington DC and pubblicized with the above logos, which are PBS copyright. Regrettably the broadcast was selective, with crucial parts related to the main subject omitted and chronological remixings. ....
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The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in favour of Egyptian businessman Youssef Nada. The court ruled that Switzerland violated Nada’s human rights by restricting his cross-border movements after Nada was put on a blacklist on suspicions of financing terrorism.
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  Nada was accused by the United States of helping finance the 9/11 terrorist attacks and placed on a sanctions list approved by the United Nations Security Council, which placed travel restrictions on all persons on the list. When Switzerland implemented the sanctions, the individuals or groups affected were banned from entering or transiting through Switzerland. In Nada’s case no evidence against him was ever found, yet he remained trapped in an Italian enclave within Switzerland for several years.
The court in Strasbourg ruled that “Switzerland should have taken all possible measures, within the latitude available to it, to adapt the sanctions regime to the applicant’s individual situation”. The court said Switzerland was to pay Nada €30,000 to cover his costs and expenses.
Swiss German Televizion 12.09.2012
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  Swiss German Television 05.09.2012 English version
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تبرئه المحكمه الاوروبيه لحقوق الانسان لرجل الاعمال يوسف ندا من تهمه تمويل الارهاب
قضت المحكمه الاوروبيه الخاصه بحقوق الانسان بسترازبورج بتبرئه رجل الاعمال المصري الايطالي يوسف ندا ,واعتبرت المحكمه ان سويسرا انتهكت حقه في ضمان احترام حريته الشخصيه بفرض الاقامه الجبريه عليه بعد وضعه علي القوائم السوداء الخاصه بالمشتبه فيهم بتمويل الارهاب. قناه الجزيره
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من اجل الانسانيه
فيلم وثائقي عن احداث من حياه يوسف ندا انتاج تليفيزيون سويسرا الايطاليه
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