Part of First message quote:

We understand and accept that exchanging legal assistance among the nations is important to protect the world from terrorists and bring them to justice. At the same time we reject the behaviour of assisting in injustice for the account of the others politics. Such behaviour creates the seeds of fear and hate, and both are the seeds of violence and terrorism.

We are asking whether it is considered fair and just to accuse someone without evidence and after getting reports from the federal police that their investigations did not prove what was spread in the media, and proved to be shady misleading information.

We were expecting not only to hear slogans but to see the implementation of the rule “that every one is innocent until it is proved that he is guilty”

We have been taught during our childhood that:
  • When you defend justice you are defending yourself.
  • When you protect the law you are protecting yourself.
  • Those who are entrusted to protect justice could not be condoned if in any case they act with injustice.
  • The injustice can not sit on the chair of justice.
  • Justice does not change for colour or race or nationality or religion.
  • The main difference between civilised society and the primitive one, is that the civilised society is concerned with the protection of the other’s rights, being human, animal, or nature, from misusing any power by any one.
  • The law is formulated to regulate the boundaries between the rights and obligations.
  • The pillar of justice is that it must not only be done but also seen to be done.

I met with the investigators from the US Treasury, and from the US FBI, the CIA and the Swiss Federal Prosecutor and police staff.

I assured all of them that they were misguided and they will never have evidence to their misguided accusation. None of them dare to admit with the fact that it is a chain of misleading or was able to produce any evidence. Although I have reserves regarding their conduct but I don’t feel that they are enemies I believe they are just professionals exercising there duties. Any one will read the interrogations will find that it was regarding our business, political, social, religious activities, and connections and even taxes. Nothing regarding the initial false accusation of financing Osama Bin Laden or his Al Qaida or hijackers or Hamas or terrorists.

I lived in Switzerland 36 years during which I enjoyed , love, equality ,tolerance, respect of human ,animals ,nature, and values .I enjoyed the sincerity and the friendship of doctors,engineers,lawyers , lawmakers ,bankers , politicians , activists , men and women of this country who represent the top and cream of human values .

And now I liquidated my bank and companies and found myself stripped from all my human rights, wealth, and health, smeared in the media all over the world, prevented from movement denied permission to pay taxes, legal expenses , health insurance, and even the money I had in my pocket was confiscated by the London police in the street with action which the pickpocket are used to do. The difference is that this was done by the order of the UN Security Council.

Now if I am asked whether I am expecting justice?

My answer will be big ‘N O ‘

If I am asked why?

My answer will be [when the super power is mislead to the road of injustice it will destroy every civilisation not only a helpless old man as Me.!!!
And if I am asked what is my hope??

I shall answer:

To be able to continue in the line of which I devoted my life. My Faith, structure, courage, skill, contacts background, and experience was and will be useful to open dialogues, extend bridges and lead to more understanding and cooperation between various countries, politicians, factions, and religious groups, Spreading love, healing rifts, and building bonds through respect and tolerance. I did it before, and I shall continue if I can.

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