Illuminating the faith is the act of God, but our roll is how to use this act to live in peace and harmony whether with ourselves or with the others.

The spiritual mentality induce the individual to be sensitive and consciously towards the rights of the others . Alfredo Luciani

Truth and justice are indivisible values. Truth could not be divided or distorted. Part of the truth or half truth changes the fundamental heart of the meaning, and does not make it the truth. Justice is the same. A part of justice could not mean justice.

This rule covers all the main ethics. They are undividable. The absence of a part of it shifts the meaning to its contrary. It is singular category. Any one who try to tailor double standard of justice or truth will not be able to fit them with democracy, human values or ethics. Those who try to do that will not deceive the others but will condemn themselves as traitors or at least layers and hypocrites.

The breath of truth gives life to justice, and justice is the only way to peace. The life will be unbearable without those values, which should direct the relationship between the culture, the history, the traditions, the education, the civilizations, the societies and their leaders.

To get to meet, to know, and to talk are parts of the human civilization. Nowadays, communications is fast, thanks to the development of the different technologies. But we don’t really meet; we don’t really welcome one another. Vi-a-vie the complex society that destroys even the enter personal communication, there is a clear need to create spaces for meeting and dialogue, within the frame of reciprocal respect and fair cooperation . Carita Politica

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