There is difference between calling to establish temporary world order based on race or language or colour or privilege to those who are powerful “whether militarily, financially or scientifically” at their times, and/or establishing the permanent world order based on justice, tolerance, peace and equality in harmony to prevent arrogance and evil ambitions to reign supreme .

‘There is a need to elaborate efficient scenarios to regulate a globalisation which is in need of self consciousness and governance. It is well known that the globalization without any control increases dramatically the lack of balance and of justice in the world .The governance of the new economy needs the juridical and political tool to concentrate the enormous potential towards the common good’. Alfredo Luciani

The world must not leave their existence to the discretion of the authoritarian rulers or the whims and fancies of racist politicians.

Everyone living nowadays cannot stop his brain from asking whether the new globalization trend of the world order with single dominating war power differs from the ancient domination of the Greeks or Romans.

It is true that [We The Moslem Brotherhood] are part of those who are calling for globalization and world order. The main difference is that our call is not based on race, language, colour, or privilege to those who are powerful similar to the Greeks or the Romans, but based on justice, tolerance, peace, equality in harmony irrespective of race, colour , religious or culture , understanding, accepting and assisting the others, feeling the impulse of the others hearts, spreading happiness and kindness, solidarity towards those who suffer, promotion of brotherly environment, to prevent arrogance and evil ambitions to reign supreme.

Obviously so long as religions and rights were national, there is no possibility of conceding equality to the others even when they capitulated.

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