Historical panorama

 ‘The Greeks’ were told by some of their national philosophers such as ARISTOTLE, that nature had intended those not from Greece to be slaves of the Greeks. PLATO, although he advised his countrymen to be more lenient in their mutual treatment never entertained the idea that non-Greeks deserved any share in the milder treatment that he proposed.

‘The Romans’, although they did not even rule a thirtieth of the world, believed that they were the lords of the Earth. The world was regarded by them as belonging only to Romans, the “Orbis Romanus”, and the Romans were designed as the “princeps orbis terrarium populus”, that is lords of the population of the globe of Earth. Rome conquered Greece politically, yet it was soon intellectually reconquered by the Greeks. The Romans evolved their own laws. They set the college of priests, the FETIALS, who managed relations with foreign countries when war was declared, peace was made, treaties of friendships or alliances were concluded, or when the Romans had an international claim before a foreign state or vice versa. The lives and properties of the citizens of a state with which Rome did not have a treaty of friendship could by no means be declared safe. Such people could be made slaves and their property seized in Roman territory.

Only ambassadors were the exception. Citizens of friendly states on the other hand, had right to legal protection, and Justice was administered to them by the PRACTOR DEREGRIMUS. The laws of war were mainly based on the discretion of individual commanders.

That was the old story .The new story started by the call of the big five nuclear powers,’ nowadays Greeks and Romans’ –the masterminds “Princeps Orbis Terrarum Poplulus”.

They called upon the rest of the world to a ceremonial body called UN and its Security Council. Which is governed, administered and dictated by them .They have equal rights, but the rest has no right.

The rest’s duty is to obey. They have no right to object. They have to do what they will be instructed to do. If any of them will object or reject the big five and their slaves will punish him, torture him and impose suitable sanctions to strip him from the essential means to live. If he revolts, they will all invade his house, confiscate his belongings and destroy his building.

The ceremonies went on until one of the big five spread his power in every direction and started to impose his agenda on everyone, including the big four.

The big four found themselves in the same tent of the other slaves. In order to cover their shameful situation they started to translate the master’s orders into a new terminology, defined as” Pragmatism”.

Now the world is living in the Neronian phase knowing that “Claudius Caesar Nero” will burn all Rome at the end.

Any human virtue or value which contradicts his materialist greed will be labelled “Evil”

Sophisticated macro tools were imposed worldwide to control every micro movement of persons, money, charity donations, trade, post, communications, transportation, science, education, health, industry, energy, water, crops, minerals, services, and even the sphere ozone layer. All goes through modems and satellites. All could be paralyzed not only through stare ware but even simply electronically.

Every person but every country have to obey and cooperate in the injustice, even if they know that today it is against the others and tomorrow will be against them,

Independence , sovereignty, democracy, and human rights are to be used only for decoration and fantasy.


To be with him have only one meaning which is obeying blindly the orders of nowadays “CLAUDIUS CAESAR NERO

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