I have been acquitted of financing terrorism accusations by Switzerland, Italy, the United States, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the European International Court, the readers can see here the most important documents and translations of it, with access to the original documents in original languages.

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  But there is more to the prosecutor added Armando Spataro and pm Luigi Armando Spataro, 58, is a prosecutor in Milan Orsi and Nicola Piacente. The black lists, they observe, are the result of «decisions taken exclusively on the basis of suspicions and consequent political options, albeit at the level of qualified international offices .....»»read more
  Carla Del Ponte the Swiss federal prosecutor speaks for the "Corriere del Ticino" 02/06/2006

The case of Youssef Nada
In the end, I had to admit that Mr. Nada and his Al Taqwa, with terrorism, had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. We closed the case
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Attorney General of Switzerland

This is to confirm that the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland investigated the USA financing terrorism accusations of Mr Youssef NADA, Mr Ali Ghaleb HIMMAT, Bank AL TAQWA, AL TAQWA NADA management organization and othe companies related to them.
No evidence for these accusations was founded and the investigations were closed on 31/05/2005
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  SECURITY COUNCIL Deèpartment of Public Information

Removed from AL-Qaida individuals Section C
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 17 May 1931 POB: Alexandria, Egypt Good quality a.k.a.: a) Youssef Nada b) Youssef M. Nada c) Youssef Mustapha Nada Low quality.......

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The Pubblic Minister of Italy

The Judge for Preliminary Investigations, on 14.08.2007, in accepting the request, issued a decree filing the aforementioned proceedings.
No reasons exist until now for the reopening of the criminal proceedings against
Youssef Moustapha NADA.

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Dear Mr. Nada
Accordingly, on February 26,2015, OFAC removed your name and thee names of the aforementioned entities from the List of Specilally Designated Nationals and Bloched Persons.
Notice of this action wil be published in the General Register.

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