American and European lawmakers, the guardians of the law , politicians, and decision makers are all invited to analyze this interview.
It will enable them to know the facts from their sources.
They will discover that the truth is always manipulated before reaching them.
They will find that those who were presented to them as fierce enemies are in fact peaceful, moderate, law obedient and harmless individuals who share with them many values, including democracy.
  Youssef Nada 20th May 2007
Vedios Coversheet
Newsweek investigators Mark Hosenball & Mike Isikoff interviewed Youssef Nada on November, 19th 2006. The interview was broadcasted on April, 20th 2007 as part of the series "America at a Crossroads" by the PBS network. It was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting USA, produced by WATA Washington DC and pubblicized with the above logos, which are PBS copyright. Regrettably the broadcast was selective, with crucial parts related to the main subject omitted and chronological remixings.

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