Though Arabs and the other Moslems spoke a common language, took part in common fairs, consulted the same oracles, ‘whether rulers or sheikhs’, worshipped God in common ordinance and to a great extent observed the same customs. Yet their separation into independent states renders possible the evolution of great power, but indeed it is not the fact.

The position of such autonomous states cannot be said similar to that of European states, from the independence point of view. It is true that the intrinsic kinship of the Arabs and to a great extend the Moslems stamps them as practically one nation even though subdivided into different states. But the power requires the existence of independent states, even if they differ in race, language, religion, or anything else.

This case is absent since the invaders who conquered the Muslim states imposed on them rulers who hold the required qualifications

Self defeated,

Corrupt, ruthless

Ready to execute any order to please their sponsors and keep their seats protected.

“The attempts at the so called neo-colonialism are not neglibl and apparently it will take some generations before the inhabitants of these states get rid of the complexes and demoralising effects of the policy of the former colonial masters in all fields, intellectual, moral, economical, and others, not the least of the artificial discords created for the purpose of divide and rule”. hamidalla

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