The Black 11 September 2001

We condemned the barbarian inhuman act which we considered against every civilization and religion, and published in the newspapers our condolence to the victims families. Copy of this press release was send to the US consulates in Milan and Bern.

The names of the hijackers were circulated to all the banks all over the world with instructions to report any account or transactions related or connected to any of them.

20 September 2001 we checked all our files and we did not find any of those names there. There were similar parts of the names and families. We complied with the instructions and made the required report including all documents related to them and handed them to the Central Bank of Bahamas. The Central Bank gave them to the Bahamian Attorney General who sent them to USA.

29 October 2001 the American Consulate in Rome called and said that on 27 April 2000 you sent a letter to Washington saying that you wanted to clear your name. Some one will call you from Washington tomorrow would you be available 8, 30 Washington times 14, 30 Swiss time? I gave positive answer. Next day Mr John Cosenza from the FBI called and said he will fly to Milan tomorrow and asked to meet in the consulate. I arrived to the consulate in time and found a long queue at the gate. I asked the guard to inform them through the intercom that I arrived. The answer came. Ok please stay in the queue. I asked him to say to them( Nada does not stay in the begger’s queue and I left ). When I arrived home they said that the American consulate called four times. They called again and apologized and they will be waiting for me down. I took with me copy of the file which I gave to the central bank and gave it to them. I explained to them my discussion with the counsel who wanted me to bring documents which could fill some trucks, I said to them that the gentleman does not know about finance more than his salary, the house lease, the food, his and his wife dresses, how can he understand a banker financial documents? and how can I bring them to him?
They asked about what was in Corierre Della Sera and other questions about me and Bank Al Taqwa and the Milan Islamic centre and Nasreddin and my family and my activity whether as a politician or banker. They were 2 John Cosenza and Linda Viti whom I discovered that they are the Rome agents. After 4 years I read their report and I discover that they did their best to record the interview honestly but some of the names and the stories were mixed up.

On 5 November 2001 Mr Hosenball of news week called me and asked many questions about Nasreddin and the Milan mosque and our lawyer’s name and phone. He called the lawyer and informed him about his conversation with me but he was not accurate and gave other meanings and was mixed up. When the lawyer informed me I asked him to send him officially repeating the correct conversation and holding him responsible if he make any changes. Next day I called John Cosenza and informed him about this conversation.

5 November 2001 Nasreddin arrived from Marocco, and I accompanied his son and went to pick him up from Milan airport. On our way to Lugano the Swiss frontier police stopped us at the frontier in Chiaso and put us and the care in a closed garage and checked every part of the care. It took about two hours, when I arrived home I phoned my lawyer and fixed appointment to go to him in the morning.

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