‘Ibn Khaldun’ defined independence as follows:

“The non existence of any “external” power to enforce its will upon sovereign entity”. In other words, it is the right of a state to administer all its internal and external affairs in such a way that it is neither controlled nor interfered with by any other power. The right of a State to freedom of action is but a reflection and prolongation of the original freedom of every man “ intended mankind ”. Still, there are corrective and reciprocal restrictions such as the respect of equal rights of others, and there are contractual limitations of one’s liberty. If originally accepted, with mutual will it is within the fringe of independence but, if under force then the sovereignty and independence are not complete ‘even if there are tacit or bilateral declarations gloved by no power to resist’.

The existence of independent sovereign states is essential to play the international law.

The right of coexistence based on coded mutual will was not conceded in the civilizations of bygone days.

The nano century of communication and technology went more fare and stepped on all the human civilizations, principles and morals. The hypocrisy, the double standards of justice, the cold blood towards the weak and needy, the use of weapons of mass destruction, the spreading of ruthless behaviour, the crushing of ethics and morals, the deception, the arrogance and the absence of respect, all those and more were spread when the’ New not only the old Tatars and Moguls’ burned the libraries of human civilization, and at the same time they continue to claim that they are civilised.

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