The Intelligence Ought to be Intelligent

It is well known that one of the intelligence duties is to collect information from the media and analyse them. If they find them credible they transmit their elements to the investigative authority.

At the display of justice for reaching the truths both the intelligence and the investigating authority are cooperating to a great extend. If the two systems are exploited, then the truth and justice will be jeopardized.


 As we are analysing a case study, I shall go in details, because in my opinion it will please and help those who love justice and those who are seeking to upgrade their system to close the gabs and raise the standard.

 In my case the poison pen news were intentionally leaked to both the two systems ‘The intelligence and the investigating authority’. Under political pressure not professional skill, they were relying on phantoms and influenced by the ISLAMOFOBIA.

They deviated from the line of rules and justice, picked up rumours and considered them reliable facts. They based themselves on them and did the harm. They were repeatedly advised that the suspects are unfounded but they enjoyed the show in the press and the blessing of the big power civil servants .They had the power to harm but they lacked the sense of direction and lost the conscious in executing their duty.

They know nothing about accounting, and they started to investigate accounts.

They know nothing about banking and they started to investigate the bank.

They know nothing about geography and they went behind boarders.

They know nothing about history and they started to investigate historical cases.

They know nothing about the sectarian factions and they started to investigate their connection.

They know nothing about the Islamists and they started to investigate one of their big fishes.

They know nothing about the Moslem brotherhood and they started to investigate one of their elders.

It will not be difficult to spot those deficiencies when we go through the final report, the interrogation protocols, the correspondents and other documents which I shall demonstrate in future posting or books.

I can even say that when they tried to overcome their lack of knowledge they were misguided .The knowledge of those whom they used as expertise was exceeding theirs but still it was shallow and they were showy and had different agenda.

I am not specifying any special person or country but indicated the area of deficiency which I noticed here and there. That was due to the fact that my case was handled internationally although guided by Switzerland and dictated and supported by the USA treasury , and the FBI and assisted by The Bahamas ,Britain ,Italy , Germany , France , Austria , Liechtenstein ,Saudi Arabia , Egypt, Syria , Jordan , Kuwait , Tunis ,Palestinian Authority ,United Arab Emirates, Yemen , Spain , Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and there could be others.

Although there is difference between the fabricator, the layer, and the deceiver, but all of them share the same character which is not noble.

Any one who believe any of them and base his action or decision on their shameful misleading will harm him self and or the others .The harms could be loss of health, or wealth, or even every human right , life and the dignity and respect of the actor.

The entire world saw that this is exactly what leads to the Iraq war where hundreds of thousand lost their lives and others are facing the same destiny. Needless to list the destruction of the infrastructure which took tens of years to build,water,sewages , electricity , schools , hospitals , streets , ports , airports but all the needs of humans to live . All this happened with the shameful misleading intelligence that Sadam Hussein is possesing and hiding weapons of mass destructions and he is a dictator and danger for the Iraqis and the world. The result is that Sadam is still alive but total population of 27 million went back to the stone century.

Back to my case

 I shall state what some people wrote or said or did and it is up to the reader to designate them.

All my documents which were confiscated from my house and offices are not yet back nonetheless I shall relay on my memory as well as the documents which are at the possesion of my lawyers to register the facts .

I shall extract the wording of the texts or translate them to English, at the same time I shall refer the deeds to those who did them.

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