The Security Council Monitoring Committee that was dismissed from its office in 2004 (and headed by the likes of Vitor Comras).  

By following Mr Maurer the Swiss representative in the UN one have to admit that he is doing his job perfectly with the Swiss breath and spirit, supported with his courage and consistency. It seem that the absent factor is that he is not provided timely and with the complete picture from Bern or some one there could have different agenda ..

The difference between Maurer and Dick Marty is that Maurer tried and succeeded to save the human rights of Swiss humans because they are Swiss. Even if it took from him four years to do. But Marty with his human and Swiss breath and spirit is trying to defend, save and protect the rights of every human who ever and where ever he is. Maurer is the nationalist where Dick Marty is internationalist and humanist.

I was restricted co- Liquidator of a listed company. I applied to the Swiss ‘Seco’ to allow payment of taxes from the company’s account to the Italian tax office. The committee not only gave negative respond but unjustifiably accused Switzerland and neighbouring countries of non compliance to the sanction’s conditions. Those countries permanent representatives in the UN tried to defend their countries but they did not receive the needed facts from their Governments.

I was not managing or liquidating this company, but I was restricted co liquidator to handle only old tax dispute between the company and the Italian tax office pending from 1985 the time when I was managing this company .This fact was reported and documented to the monitoring committee by me and by SECO but they ignored it and claimed that I was managing the company, and that was not true. Moreover they said that I travelled from Campione D’ Italia to Switzerland and from Switzerland to Liechtenstein where I changed the names of two companies.
That also was not true.
    1. The committee visited Campione D’ Italia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and they know that there is no boarder between all of them.
    2. The legal procedure to change any company’s name any where in the world is not through travelling to Lichtenstein or any country but by sending legalized general assembly resolution with that effect to the registrar by post or through a lawyer and even this procedure I had nothing to do with it.
    3. They claimed that they did not allow the payment because it might go to finance terrorists.
That also was not true.
The application which was presented to the committee through Seco requested to order the bank to pay the taxes directly to the Italian tax office not to me and not to the company.

They made it a case study and wanted to prove that Switzerland and Italy and Liechtenstein were not enforcing the sanction and the monitoring group is making a good job by discovering the non-compliances.

I shall copy herewith what was stated baselessly, wrongly, and not related to the facts and the truth, in the second report dated 1 January 2003 of this committee to the Security Council pages 20, 21, and 22.

Point 70- quote The Group has looked closely into this issue and has travelled extensively to discuss and investigate specific problems related to blocking the assets of designated individuals and entities. This in-depth inquiry involved YOUSSEF NADA and IDRIS NASREDDIN and business entities associated with them. The results of the inquiries uncovered serious problems relating to the identification and blocking of their assets, especially assets other than bank accounts. Many of the problems stemmed from the use of offshore companies and trusts to mask their business holdings, as well as their continuing business transactions and dealings. Unquote

The fact is that I had never done any business transaction or dealing since I was designated 7 November 2001 until today April 17 2006 .

Point 71- Quote YOUSSEF MOUSTAFA NADA was designated by the committee on 9 November 2001 and AHMED IDRIS NASREDDIN was designated on 24 April2002. Both, through their various commercial holdings, operated extensive financial network that provided support to Al-Qaida-related activities, Unquote

The fact is that neither I nor any of my entities or the entities which I operated whether alone or with others had ever any contact, relation, association, support or finance to Al-Qaida or its members. No one any where in the world was able to prove or to find any evidence to support these accusations.

Point 71- continued quote NADA and NASREDDIN had worked closely together for many years as directors of Bank Al-Taqwa and Akida Bank. They also owned or controlled a number of other business entities in cooperation with each other, unquote

The fact is that we did not own or control any other business entities in cooperation with each other.

Point 72- Quote. Bank Al-Taqwa was established in 1988 with significant backing from the Muslim Brotherhood. Unquote

The fact is that Youssef Nada is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood but the bank has nothing to do with them. Those who are members of this organization and bought shares or invested in the bank as individuals were not exceeding 5 %.

Point 74- Quote. Both had close relations with the same investors in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirate and other Middle Eastern and North African countries. Both were tide in with several Islamic charities and business ventures, which had been linked to Al-Qaida financing, including the Milan Islamic Centre, a major Al-Qaida recruiting centre, there is also reference to appendix IV. unquote

The fact is that we both did not have any relation with same investor in any country including those mentioned. More over Nada had never had any relation or contact with the Milan Islamic centre, and never even visited it or attended prayers in it. The diagram in appendix IV is wrong in making the link between Nada and the Milan center.

Point 75- Quote, For a long time NADA and NASREDDIN resided and worked out of a small Italian enclave Campoine d’Italia near Lugano Switzerland unquote.

The fact is that NADA resided and worked out of Campione but NASREDDIN never resided or worked out of Campione.

Point78- Quote On 28 January 2003 Youssef Nada travelled from Campione d’Italia to Vaduz, in violation of the travel ban. While in Vaduz he applied to the Company Registry Office to officially change the name of two of his companies, to put them in liquidation, and appointed himself as liquidator. Unquote

The fact is that I did not travel to Vaduz on 28 January 2003.Changing companies name, or putting them in liquidation or appointing liquidator name any where in the world does not need to go to the Company Registry Office it needs the notarized general assembly resolution to that effect either sent by post or through a lawyer and even this procedure I had nothing to do with it. I was only restricted co liquidator. I was restricted to settle the dispute with the Tax Office which was pending from 1985 the time when I was managing the company Those documented facts were presented to the Swiss SECO and SECO present it to the committee..

Point80- Quote The group was able to determine that both NADA and NASREDDIN continue to have property interests in one or more hotels in Milan, and possibly other commercial property in Italy and Switzerland. The group was unable to determine the present location of either NADA or NASREDDIN. Apparently, local authorities had no knowledge of their current whereabouts, unquote.

The fact is that NADA never had any property interest in any hotel in Milan or any where. Moreover I never moved from my place and the local authority is well informed that I did not move to any where..

It is a pity that neither SECO nor Liechtenstein provided their representatives in the UN with those facts in time...

Even if the old committee was replaced non the less their report is still included in the security council documents as a real case study against me , Switzerland , Liechtenstein and Italy .

Any how I have nothing to do now with any company in the world whether managing or liquidating or co liquidating for taxes or any reasons what so ever.

The new committee also were not accurate in their third report of 9 September 2005 page 50 item F number 9 and 10.

They wrote Quote the Swiss federal criminal court in Bellinzona decided a case brought by listed entity Nada Management Organization against the Swiss federal prosecutor office, Unquote .This is wrong statement. The fact is that they were two cases one was brought by Youssef Nada and the second by Ghaleb Himmat, and not by Nada Management Organization.

The report also stated that quote the federal prosecutor opened an investigation into Nada Management in October 2001 unquote.

This is wrong statement .The fact is that the investigation was against Youssef Nada and Ghaleb Himmat.

The report also stated quote In January 2005 Nada Management brought suit in the federal criminal court, seeking an end to the investigation. Unquote. This is wrong statement. The fact is that Youssef Nada and Ghaleb Himmat ‘not Nada Management’ brought suit in the federal criminal court. It was also strange that they know the fact which they stated it in the previous line i.e. that this company went into liquidation in December 2001.How a company which was liquidated December 2001could bring a suit in the court January 2005?

More over the report quoted the ruling of the court but also omitted several main parts of its rulings which blamed the prosecutor. Hereunder we quote those parts: quote
  • According to point 32 of the constitution and point 6 item 3 of the European human rights. The accused have the right to be informed without delay and accurately about the crimes, and as a principle it is not allowed to keep the accused in the dark regarding the investigation ,and he must be informed with what he is accused .
  • The prosecutor did not prove through which banking operations done by the accused, the money reached persons or groups considered from the Islamic terrorism or transferred to them.
  • After more than three years of profound interrogations and investigations and legal assistants it was expected to say some thing precise, through which banking operation managed by the accused the association or the assistance to terrorist organization was proved at least with objective way. Evidence needed to be presented. Unquote.
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