On October 1997 a banker called me asking whether I read the article about myself in Corriere Della Sera. I said no. He said it is very bad, you should read it and give it to your lawyer to take action.

It took from 1997 until 2005 to obtain condemnation from the Milan criminal court against the writer of the article Guido Olimpio of Corriere Della s Sera, and a civil case against him is in the pipe line.

The lies of Guido Olimpio article in Corriere Della Sera were defused, and spread every where. Among those who participated in defusing the lies ,whether for envy or hate , whether knowingly or not , whether intentionally or not ,whether hired to corner the Islamist activists , or motivated politically or financially , or for their own professional agenda , or misled , are the following names:
Richard Labeviere, Roland Jacquard, Leo Sisti, Kevin Coogan, Paolo Fusi, Daniel Pipes, Victor Comras, Sylvain Besson, Lorenzo Vidino, Mike Isikoff, Mark Hosenball, Douglas Farah and others whom will be named later.

Every one was used to spread the fabricated stories through the means which he have whether newspapers, films, televisions, books, internet, security reports, and testimonies in the House of Representatives.

The media giants agencies recorded more miles through serious modifications which jeopardised their credibility at the process of putting the mosaic together .SWISS ROMANDE TV, BBC, and AFP were among those entities that did the harm.

When I tried to read what was written about me in the internet Goggle search I fount 200,000 pages repeating the fabrications.

Ignorance and lack of knowledge during the investigating process lead to evil interpretation for unfounded accusation. It became a problem for the investigators all around the world. They could not put their hand on any evidence to support the allegations simply because it does not exist.

Those who were misled by the lies and used them in their official reports or testimonies could not continue to hide behind the excuse that their evidence are classified especially if the lawmakers start to dig or investigate. I sincerely recommend them to reconsider their sources and uncover the misleading themselves.

Criminal investigations started in some countries to determine the soars of leakage and misleading. Other actions will follow to uncover those who converted the lies to articles and books and official reports.

I shall come back to this subject in later posting or books which are in the pipeline.

Before shifting TEMPORARLY to other issue I want to copy herewith some paragraphs of my letters which I sent to the Swiss investigative authorities, namely the federal prosecutor office, the sanction office SECO of the ministry of economy and some lawmakers.

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