Third Wave

As expected the crimes of Corierre Della Sera article and Labeviere film started to develop and give its evil fruits.

December the 9th 1999 I arrived to Atlanta air port coming from Zurich transiting to Nassau Bahamas .The US immigration stopped me , did not allow me to board the connecting flight to Nassau and put me back on the same Swissair to Zurich.

When I asked them for the reason, they answered [contacts the nearest USA consulate and asks them. I looked in my Italian passport I discovered that they wrote a code number in it. This code reads 217.4’6’A7811 5412 ATC 212 ‘0’.

On the 15 the of December 1999 I called the US council in Milan and went to meet him .When he saw the passport he said to me I have to open a file. To open a file you must apply for a visa and bring me all what was written about you in the media, translate it in English, and also bring all your bank document, shares, bonds, correspondents, and translate them to English. Also bring your company’s registration. Actually I laughed and could not stop myself from answering him saying are you serious do you want me to bring you five or six trucks? I don’t want to go to the USA, all what I want is to clear my name I don’t know the reason for what had happened, there could be a mistake or false information. None the less I did apply for the visa as he said.

27 th of April 2000, after 4 months I received his letter saying that quote they found me ineligible under section 212’a’’3’’b’ which states in part that any alien who has engaged in terrorist activity or is a representative or member of a foreign terrorist organization is inadmissible .The allegations of the Italian news paper that you were funding terrorist organizations could be the bases for a refusal under section 212’a’’3’’b’, you may hire a lawyer in the U.S. and deal with the INS directly. Unquote I went to meet him again .He was very cool and said you should apply for a new I visa that is the official procedure if you don’t accept it I can’t help you. I left him and I sent him a letter stating the story for legal records and sent another letter to the IMS Immigration and Naturalization Service in Atlanta, quote my biggest worry is not travelling to USA or any country but just clearing my name. I am prepared to go through any investigation whether formal or informal to answer any question could lead to clearing my name, unquote.

2 months later, on the 23 June 2000, the answer came from them that what happened was per instructions from the head office in Washington D.C. and my letter is being forwarded to that office. When I did not receive any answer from that office until

3 month later, on the 29th of September 2000, I sent them another letter requesting the answer.

7 month later, on the 8 th Feb 2001. I received the answer quote you have asked us to advise you whom to contact to discuss your case. The appropriate person would be the American Consul in your country of residence. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and affording us the opportunity to address your concerns.

On the 3oth March 2001 I contacted the US consul in Milan again giving him copies from the correspondence with the justice department. He answered [on a small yellow paper of 3M post it] quote no further action can be taken on your case until you initiate a new visa application .unquote

On the 22 nd of May 2001 I applied again for new visa according to his advice.

On 13/6/2001 I faxed him trying to get appointment through the fax as he did not answer my letter and application and I could not get him on the phone and I did not get any answer.

I tried for one and half year from December 1999 until June 2001 to get an answer but in vain .Then I decided to wait their answer.

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