Whe is Rechard Labevbiere

French national born 4-5-1958 domiciled in 01210 Ferney-Voltaire/Ain/france. 23 bis rue deMeyrin. Tel +33-59-450408712. Bachelor, Journalist. It was rumoured that 1991-1997 he was used for intelligence work in Geneva UN centre for the account of European and Middle Eastern countries. We don’t know whether it is true or not.

What was amazing is that Labeviere later transferred the film into a book in which he added more fantasies. Since his knowledge was not enough, he tried to collect information from the Middle East. It is the same phenomena with those who tried to investigate any of the Islamism’s factions whether the journalists or the intelligence. He used sources knowledgeable more than him as experts but still they are either ignorant in the subject but not less than him or they have the same agenda!

All those he showed in the film slandering us as his references are of that category. He did not present in his book or his film any paper or evidence to support what he or his experts said except some paid persons from the Middle East and the Guido Olimpio of Corriere Della Sera false article. He considered them reliable evidence meantime to the contrast Guido Olimpio during the hearing against him in Milan criminal court which indicted him tried to rely on Labeviere book as evidence to support his fabrications. Among the fantasies which Labeviere wrote was his fabricated story that during the world ware 2 i.e. 1940 th Youssef Nada worked for the German third Reich L’Abwehr de l’admiral canaries and participated in a plot against king Farouk . He failed in arithmetic because at this time I was a child of nine years old [i.e. born 1931]. In his publications of September 2002 another so called international expert with the same category of knowledge and who is used to be consulted by the intelligence circles named Kivin Coogan wrote the following quote [ Lebeviere in this regard also cites Egyptian reports that Youssef Nada worked for the Abwehr’German military intelligence’ in the 1930 s and 1940 s . We remind the reader that Labeviere book wrote 1940 and coogan added new fantasy 1930?

It should also be recalled that Francois Genoud, the Swiss Nazi banker, began developing contacts in the Arab world on behalf of German intelligence in the 1930 s.] Unquote. Although the Labeviere film repeated Guido Olimpio of Corriere Della Sera false stories but added unrelated pictures from Luxor, Afghanistan and Ben Laden, and others.

Signora Carla Del Ponte and Dr Urs Von Daeniken

Signora Carla Del Ponte the Swiss federal prosecutor at that time and Dr. Urs Von Daeniken the head of the security in the Swiss federal Police both were asked in the film whey they don’t want to open a file to investigate Nada and Al Taqwa acts which they presented. The answer in the film was that what they showed does not have any concrete substance or evidence to permit opening investigative procedure.

When I saw the film I called both Signora Del Ponte and Dr Von Daeniken offices on the 26 of May 1998 asking for a meeting.

In one week time that was 2/6/1998 I received from them a fax fixing appointment.

[Here I want to stop to salute the quality, the standard, the modesty, the open minded, the equilibrium, the devotion for honesty in exercising the duty, bringing the criminals to justice without victimizing innocents. Professionals searching for truth and justice as a culture irrespective to whom or for whom.

No wonder, they are Swiss and they are the same as those real Swiss among whom I enjoyed living and working 36 years.]

The result of the meeting is that for them the film does not make any sense otherwise prosecutor file should be opened and this was also what she said in the film. At the same time Dr Von Daeniken came strait forward and said apart from the film I have questions regarding two transactions which were reported to us. I assured him that we are very confident that our transaction could never go or come to or from doubtful sources and we are prepared to answer and clarify any document regarding any transaction anywhere in the world. He said my specialized collaborators will be in touch with you.

After some weeks his assistants Mr Christian Duc and Mr Serge Bacci called for appointment and came to the office. The so called transactions of which they received information were false, never happened and could never happen and I explained to them the reason and answered their questions regarding our history and activities. We understood from them that every thing is ok and from their side they have nothing more. We were satisfied with their professional respectful behaviour.

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