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Nearly four years of constant legal assistance from the US and all over the world, did not help the Swiss Federal Prosecutor to justify extending the limits, not specifying any crime to the accused and keeping the file open. He was still forced to close the investigation, and declare lack of evidence, after being blamed by the Swiss High court.


Youssef Nada
Case study
of misusing (fighting terrorism slogans), to encircle Muslim activists.

  • Alleged terrorist banker
  • Armed with faith and courage
  • Fighting for his innocence
  • Searching for justice

    When Youssef Nada "75 years old" was asked what his hope is ?

His answer was:

“-.To continue in the line to which I devoted my life. My Faith, structure, courage, skill, contacts background, and experience was and will be useful to open dialogues, extend bridges and lead to more understanding and cooperation between various countries, politicians, factions, and religious groups. Spreading love, healing rifts, and building bonds through respect and tolerance. I did it before, and I shall continue "


Youssef Nada Befor the attacks on him in 2001
Youssef Nada Befor the attacks on him on 2001
Youssef Nada 2006
Youssef Nada now in 2006
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